Violeta Healing Massage & Beauty Concept

Check out the TripAdvisor reviews on our Beauty Services, Healing & Therapeutic Massages. We hope to welcome you soon in Platanias, Crete!

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Mon - Sat 10.00 - 22.00. Sunday CLOSED

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Find The Purpose of Your Life’s Journey

Connect with nature, experience ancient ways of healing where they were practiced for thousands of years. Violeta will show you how to
deprogram your mind and understand that life has no limits.

In today’s world we have lost the ability to feel energy. Because their minds were uncluttered, ancient people were able to feel energy around them. They could feel the earth’s power centers. These unique centers were often used for healing and to contemplate. These center are now known to be Geopathic Energy Centers of the earth and often are the sites of ancient temples and oracles. Theses sites still have the power to repair our fragmented DNA and open our minds to the past and future. Join us, deprogram your mind and realize that life has no limits! Learn how to release your stress and make your journey effortless.

Suzana Hirzoiu

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