Violeta Healing Massage & Beauty Concept

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Who We Are?


Our team are a group of free spirited, open-minded people that love and respect nature. We believe in sustainability, the process which enables us to realize our potential and improve the quality of our lives while simultaneously protecting and enhancing the Earth.


We practice permaculture because we believe it is a great solution for the future health of the planet we call home. We believe that being in tune with our environment is what our society needs to learn today, as we are part of a over consuming culture that needs to change. We can be the change.

Role models

Each of us is highly skilled and experienced in our fields. Our lives are a model of our teachings. We know that living as a part of nature, using our bodies for regular exercise, consuming wild, genetically healthy herbs, avoiding meat and practicing mindfulness are the keys to a healthy life.

We use all these principles and teachings in our retreats for your wellbeing to help you to stay united body, mind and soul. Join us and we will give you the tools to change your life!

Meet Our Family



Licensed Massage Therapist with over 20 years of experience. Reconnective Healer. Violeta started the salon on her own and her dream is to live off the grid in nature. She is strong, highly empathic and transforms your therapy session into something unique.
Beware: High sense of humor!



The Heart of the place. Lovely, kind and artistic special personality. She painted all the stones that welcome you from outside. She will make the best tea for you as you wait. Anna dreams of having an animal hotel as she loves cats and dogs, or a painting workshop
Beware: Shy and sensitive!



Toby girl. She is a skeptic dog who sends energies, and she can be part of our walks. If you go well with dogs, you will surely enjoy her company.
Beware: sceptic!

Meet Our Blossoming Team



Mystic, Teacher in Feminine Leadership & Pioneer in the field of Personal Development. For over twenty-five years she has facilitated hundreds of individuals in developing greater awareness, balance and wholeness in their lives. In addition to speaking many languages, she is native in the language of Colours.



Alchemist, Intuitive mentor & Creative Catalyst who brings life-changing experiences through her highly-inspiring and transformative aromatic practices, writing and photography. Beyond her holistic aromatherapy work, she is an artisan distiller and works with global and locals communities to foster and promote healthy, sustainable, peaceful and flourishing life on Earth.



Farmer, Flower lover & Guide for Botanical Walks. Living his dream by creating a place where he was born and grew up, an estate rich in biodiversity, dominated by olives that coexist harmoniously with other trees. Citrus fruits, fruit trees, walnuts and avocados with aromatic plants and bushes, wildflowers and wild greens that are naturally allowed to live out their entire biological cycle.