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About Violeta

The forest was my playground. When I was growing up the people of my country suffered terrible hardships under communist rule. As hard as life was for my people, I was very fortunate. I grew up in the forest. My Father worked as a Forest Ranger, he was in charge of administering and protecting 1000 hectors of forest. We lived in a small house in the middle of the forest and were self-sufficient. As a young girl, my parents encouraged me to learn about nature for myself. I spent most of my days exploring. Nobody was allowed in this forest. It was off-limits to all except the country`s communist ruler. Ceausesu and his wife would visit every year to hunt and camp.

I loved my forest. The animals, birds, trees, grass, rivers and lakes were my constant playmates. I observed the seasons, new life and death, I watched the grass grow, I watched the water flow, I watched the stars at night and saw violent storms. I saw how the rocks, wind, water, sky, animals, plants and insects interact together. I could feel energy flowing from the nature around me and I slowly learned that all of nature is connected. Up to this point I had very little interaction with anyone from the outside. I had a free mind and spirit and had not been programed by society. The forest provided everything we needed. I was wealthy then, but it would be many years until I would understand this.

When it was time for me to begin school, my parents had to send me to the city. They arranged for a woman to look after me and make sure I was okay. She turned out to be an alcoholic, and I had to take care of her. I had to live in a very big house in the city by myself.


I managed to cook and clean and take care of myself, but at night I was terrified of being alone. I was away from my forest and every thing I was comfortable with. In nature everything is honest, in the city everything was new and confusing. I did not know who or what to trust. I had never experienced how people interacted with one another and I found their behaviors strange and fascinating. I quietly studied them and came to understand that everyone’s behaviors are influenced by their past experiences.

The nights were the worst, alone and afraid of the dark. I would sit in the corner of a big sofa every night as the sun went down. I would hold my hands over my face and cry. I missed my parents and my forest so much. I still remember the smell of the living room, the color of the faded paint on the walls and the texture of the sofa.

One day, I realized that I was looking through my hands as if they were not in front of my eyes. Eventually I found myself floating near the ceiling, looking down at my body. I felt safe up there; I felt that nothing could harm me, because it was just my body and not me down there. I would leave my body every night to protect myself. I was learning about my own energy field.

I eventually studied and became a nurse. I did not like working in the hospital, so I became a Medical Massage Therapist. I have worked in this field for 30 years. I continue to study new techniques from all around the world.

I have run my own wellness center in Crete for 15 years. I have worked with people from all over the world and have many clients that come back to me every year.



I have worked with over 22,000 clients. When you interact with so many energy fields you start to understand how the body and mind function and how they relate to their world.

I use wellness and therapeutic massages therapies and natural healing techniques that I have developed over the years to help clients overcome physical and physiological hardships. I believe this is my life’s purpose. I believe that for every illness there is a safe and effective natural alternative to traditional therapies. The Earth provides all we need. I wish to offer these retreats because I believe that my life’s experience can help you enjoy a more physically active and mentally healthy life’s journey. 

There is no greater joy in my life than to help you live a physically healthy and mentally motivated and spiritually fulfilled life.

With love: Violeta Domozina