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Journey with Violeta Healing Retreat

Imagine your life is a river running to the sea. It travels between the mountains, through the valleys into the lakes, constantly seeking the sea. It overcomes obstacles of cities, towns and dams, and continues it’s relentless travel to the sea. In our life,
the river represents our journey and the sea is love. We must learn to overcome all the obstacles and have courage to reach love. There is no greater joy in my life than to help you live a physically healthy, mentally motivated and spiritually fulfilled life.

Get Well. Live Well.

Join me and discover who you truly are as in this life’s journey. The most important
thing we learn is to love. Human development is a natural phenomenon, not
something artificially created. The education we receive, society, the health care
industry and the media are programming us. My own life experience helped me
overcome these boundaries and limitations and finally to share my knowledge.

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Find The Right Retreat For You

Violeta’s Healing Retreats are specially designed to help you access your own
natural potential by making the mind, body and spirit work together. My greatest
wish is to help you understand that life is more than we perceive with our five
senses. Join me in this adventure in time, and space, and deep within your hearts. All
of our retreats are personalized and limited to no more than four people.

Find the Purpose of your Life’s Journey

Deprogram your mind and realize that life has no limits! Learn how to release your stress and make your journey effortless.

Psoriasis (a new way) Retreat

We can give new hopes to those suffering from this disease.

Wellness and Hiking

Spoil yourself on a journey into the culture, history and beauty of Crete. Enjoy our wellness-tailored therapies!

Rheumatism, a Holistic Approach

Become more active and increase your energy level the natural way. Get the skills to help yourself for a lifetime!

Healing with Herbs

Have you ever wondered why traditional medicines never seem to make you feel better? Join us on a Journey into natural healing.

Immunization Retreat

These retreats are designed to help people suffering from antibiotics resistant bacterial infections.


Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more physically and emotionally fulfilling life. It is a positive process of change and growth that helps us interact with the world around us. Let us help you reach your goals.

Balance Body & Mind

All things in nature work in balance. Our Body and Mind are no different. In order to live an active, healthy life we must find a balance. Let us help you to balance your body and mind with the world around you.

Healthy Daily Life

Everything we eat and drink has an immediate and long lasting effect on our bodies. With careful consultation and evaluation, we will help you design a nutrition strategy that works for you.

Workout Routines

Our bodies are designed to move. We become programmed to believe that, as we age pain and reduced mobility are natural occurrences. When we turn off the programming we can learn to live a more active and pain free life.

Healing Massage & Beauty Concept

Check out our wellness and beauty services in our Salon section. Come treat yourself!

Future living workshops

Learn about sustainability in practice. Come and join one of our workshops and get hands-on experience in building a Rocket Mass Heater.

Salon Services – located on Platanias

We are located at the heart of PlataniasChania.

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