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Many of the problems we face in our global landscape today came about by working against nature: global warming, soil degradation and erosion, loss of forests, pollution, decrease in sea life, lower food nutrition, to name a few. These challenges are largely due to tremendous human development over time. Fortunately, there are solutions that we all can apply that require relatively small inputs of time and energy. Furthermore, the solutions are low-tech and can be done at a fraction of the cost of creating the damage in the first place.

Permaculture gardens

Permaculture is a system of designing agricultural landscapes that work with nature. Permaculture practitioners seek to find balances between the give and take of nature and the needs of humanity. From sustainable homes and renewable energy sources to food forests, the permaculture movement is about much more than gardening. Permaculture farming methods differ from other modern farming techniques. A permaculture garden focuses on more than merely growing food. Creating your own permaculture garden is a good way to start yourself down the road to sustainable living.

Rocket mass heater

The Rocket Mass Heater provides relatively high heat utilization and low emissions and is cost effective to make and utilize. Masonry heaters have been used since pre-historic times and have evolved into various designs in Europe, Russia, and China. The key principle is ducting the heated exhaust from a wood burning firebox through a large thermal mass built of masonry. The masonry absorbs heat from exhausting combustion process and directs it in a winding path through channels embedded in the masonry.


Over the course of the workshop you can expect to learn:

  • How to mix and apply Cob and earthen mortars from sand, clay, and water.
  • To lay and cut bricks for the combustion chamber and manifold.
  • To build a heat riser (with brick or steel column) and bell (barrel) installation.
  • To safely cut, crimp and securely connect stovepipes for the exhaust/chimney.
  • To Install and attach stovepipe fittings for system ash clean outs.
  • How to choose and prep a site for RMHs
  • We will pay particular attention to appropriate design, sourcing of materials and the use of recycled and natural building materials in the creation of a RMH
  • Workshop date is 15 th March 2020.
  • Also you will enjoy Crete food and amazing landscapes.
  • Come and joy us for 5 days!

Please contact us for price and accommodations if needed.

Building Our Rocket Mass Heater

Here's a photographic documentary of how we were building our rocket stove mass heater in our own house. Animals were really enjoying the heat, just as we do.