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CBD Cannabis Oil




100ml of Pur CBD oil. Full plant extract, Fully decarboxylated;

CBD Mint has a plesant mint taste as a result of mint plant added in the extraction process.

CBD OIL – Usage Instructions ( Cannabidiol OIL TM )

Full plant extract, Fully decarboxylated;

Presentation mode: 100 ml black glass bottle with sealed plastic cap. Dropper included (basically the dropper is not required).

Origin: oil / plants.

Obtained from selected plants (organically certified) and produced in Dor Marunt, Romania. The hemp plants have a high CBD level. Only female plants are selected, manually, due to their high content of cannabinoids.

The oil is obtained by infusion into the reactor at high pressure and controlled temperature over 10-12 successive cycles. Filtration in centrifugal filter @ 3.5 bar. Product pasteurized at low temperature. The cannabidiol oil (CBD oil) is obtained by a process that does not require alcohol distillation, fractionation with CO2 or other chemicals.

Storage conditions:

The product must be kept cold and administered as prescribed by your doctor. It is desirable to keep the bottle in the refrigerator in a plastic bag. After use, store the bottle in the same space. The low temperature helps to preserve the stability of the cannabinoids.

ATTENTION: If it’s kept at a temperature below 10 degrees C, the product solidifies due to the presence of vegetal waxes. The oil is consistent as butter. To use the oil it is necessary to place the bottle in a warm water pot for 10 minutes. Somewhere around 25° C the oil becomes liquid. At ambient temperatures, the oil may contain 10-11% of solidified waxes. Shake the bottle gently before use as the terpenes and part of the flavonoids remain in the liquid fraction.

Clarifications about constituents:

The oil contains CBGA; CBCA; CBC and THCV among others.

The product does not contain synthetic flavorings or preservatives.

The product is pasteurized at low temperature.

The product contains 0.1% THC and 0.3% THCA. THCA is present in a stabilized form in the product.
THCA can no longer be transformed by decarboxylation or other chemical / physical process into THC.
In this way the product fulfills the legal requirements for marketing.

Total cannabinoids content: between 1350-1500mg/ st de 100 ml. The oil is a saturated one. 

Authorization of raw material:

“Domnita Maria” Farm is authorized to grow hemp and to process it (including organic certification).

ATTENTION: For additional information and research internationally available, you can access the available books on our site in the “Information Documents” start bar. Right click on the link you are interested in and open the desired document in pdf format. The books attached to the site provide very clear information about the action of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, etc.

Dosage and Administration:

In terms of dosage / administration, 4 parameters must be taken into consideration:

–           age;

–           body weight;

–           illness;

–           general health status.

Usually a bottle lasts from 7 to 22 days.

Administration is done 2-3 times a day – 10 minutes before a meal.

The oil tastes good. The smell is intense, herbal, specific (unique) to cannabis concentrate.


For an easier administration, the oil (for ex.: the 5 ml dose) can be mixed with 20-30 grams of cheese (skimmed goat cheese or cow cheese) and with flaxseeds (3-10 grams), using a mixer. Mix until the composition becomes like a mayonnaise. Leave it for 10 minutes. It is given orally. (This way the feeling of nausea completely disappears). The recipe is Bodwig. It is very effective at improving the tolerance of the product.


Administration and Contraindications: Alcoholic beverages should be avoided when using CBD oil! Strong nausea appears if alcoholic beverages are consumed. Relatively intense headaches appear if alcohol is consumed, headaches which will disappear once the alcohol is eliminated from the system.


Administration during pregnancy or breast-feeding should only be done strictly under medical advice. For postpartum pain / postpartum depression CBD oil can be used in doses of 5-10ml / day for 3-10 days. This eliminates the need for synthetic analgesics. Infants are not affected due to the compatibility of the oil with human metabolism. The administration of the oil does not affect the lacto genesis or lactation. There are clinical trials only for short periods of time (maximum 15 days). It is desirable to use the CBD oil only for short periods of time during lactation. Oil does not affect the setting of lactation. Its constituents do not pass into breast milk. A high anti-inflammatory capacity has been observed following cesarean or spine anesthesia, with oil playing an important role in eliminating anesthetic substances in the body.


Administration to children should only be done strictly under medical advice. Keep in mind that the product is oily and will cause a soft stool in general. A high dose related to the baby’s mass can lead to diarrhea. It is desirable to give children the oil in small doses divided throughout the day. For superior efficacy it is desirable to quit smoking during treatment. Both nicotine and cannabinoids use similar receptors.

Compatibility with other natural products / allopathic medicines.

Do not use synthetic cannabinoid-containing products in parallel with CBD oil. Do not mix natural products in combination with CBD oil. A careful food analysis is required during the use of CBD oil.





Because of the low THC content, the clinically tested efficacy for epilepsy is moderate. The product for both children and adults has a relaxing effect, reducing the epileptic seizures effect. The patients do not recover from epilepsy. The treatment is generally long lasting (6-8 months) and the effects appear gradually. The advantage of the product is that antiepileptic meds (ex. Rivotril-Flumazenil) can be gradually reduced, under the supervision of a specialist. After a period of 6 months of CBD oil use, patient stabilization is achieved by reducing the number and intensity of seizures. Products with high THC should be avoided due to their “high” status, sedation, addiction, and psychological retardation that they especially induce in children.

Reduction of antiepileptic meds should be done following a well-established plan with the gradual reduction under the control and direct supervision of the treating physician. In order to prevent “withdrawal” from the treatment with antiepileptic meds, where the treatment results are poor, the reduction in the administration of antiepileptic meds is done by reducing the doses by 1-2% per day. Doses are reduced under the direct guidance of the psychologist / neurologist (both the selection of antiepileptic meds and the withdrawal sequence).



The product acts on the immune system, more specific on the endocannabinoid system. In case of oncological diseases the product does not differentiate between malignant or benign cells. Action on the immune system is slow but certain. Tumor markers are brought to normal (generally) in 5-6 months of treatment, and blood tests return to normal after 3-4 months of use. The product has an easy analgesic effect, and it helps to eliminate painkillers (tramadol, for ex.). The analgesic effect allows the patient to feel pain but in low intensity. For strong pains, CBD tea with extractor can be administered. It replaces both Rivotril and other analgesics.

The product generally increases appetite, especially for those who are during chemotherapy. The product can be and is recommended to be consumed during chemotherapy. The product is antiemetic, reduces dizziness and nausea during chemotherapy.

CBD oil does not cure cancer directly. Its action is on the Central Nervous System, where it reactivates a series of receptors responsible for the immune system and beyond. Its action is indirect. The CBD oil acts on the cause and not on the effect (as do the cell division inhibitors administered in chemotherapy, for example).

Following clinical trials, a reduction in metastasis was observed in 3-6 months of treatment, with significant tumor marker reduction and a normalization of blood parameters. In many cases, after CBD oil treatment tumor removal interventions were performed, as a result of the reduction of tumor formations following treatment.

If treatment is accompanied by a diet specially adapted to the condition, an improvement in the patient’s general health is achieved.



In the case of multiple sclerosis, patient stabilization is achieved, only stopping the general degenerative evolution. Stabilization is certain after 3-6 months of treatment. The effect is superior if bee venom is also administrated (following the doctor’s advice). Stopping degenerative evolution is accompanied by a state of energizing the patient. CBD oil does not cure multiple sclerosis.

Metabolism: occurs in the stomach, liver, kidneys and small intestine. The transport of cannabinoids to the membrane between brain and blood is accomplished by a group of terpenes and 2 flavonoids present in oil. These are the carriers of cannabinoids in the blood.


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