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My CMS / Aterostop



– It helps to prevent the deposition of substances of a lipid nature on the walls of blood vessels

– It favors the dispersion of lipid (cholesterol) deposits formed on the walls of the arteries making possible the free passage of blood

– Helps maintain the normal structure of the vascular endothelium (an important component of the vascular wall, made up of all the cells that border the internal part of the blood vessels)

– Vascular and general antioxidant, contributes to reducing lipid peroxidation and thus maintaining the integrity of the arterial walls

– Supports soluble collagen synthesis contributing to vascular endothelial regeneration

– It contributes to the reduction of serum and tissue cholesterol, to the reduction of serum triglycerides (the increase of cholesterol in the blood represents a cardiovascular risk factor)

– Contributes to the reduction of cholesterol biosynthesis in the liver

– Supports the proper functioning of the heart under conditions of low oxygen supply

– Promotes peripheral vasodilation

– Helps reduce blood viscosity

Areas of action: Antioxidant Healthy arteries | Heart



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